ROW80 Update on Sunday

Hello ROWers!

As promised, a short and sweet update on my progress. I posted my weekly goals on Wednesday, but as I had to work overtime and then family got int he way, I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped.

I have started on the MA501 paper, but that’s a 10-page movie critique of The Breakfast Club in which I have to reference everything from group behaviour to language, this will take a bit more time to complete. As the deadline is Thursday, I still have a little time to complete it.

I will dedicate next weekend to course CCC502 and the assignments there, as I have until the end of May to complete that course.

The other courses are supplements, and not as important. Though completing a module is not too hard and time-consuming, my focus is currently elsewhere.

So yeah, not a great start to the second round, but I only started on Wednesday and for that it’s not a bad effort, I think.

  • Finish MA501 Final Paper
  • Submit CCC502 Assignment #5
  • Complete Australian Literature final assignment
  • Complete Modern Middle East final exam
  • Complete Modern Business module #3
  • Complete Community Journalism module #3
  • A-Z blog post for H on Thursday
  • A-Z blog post for I on Friday
  • A-Z blog post for J on Saturday
  • Weekend Coffee Share on Saturday
  • ROW80 Sunday Update

If you haven’t seen it yet, my Weekend Coffee Share post from yesterday explains a bit more why I haven’t been as productive as planned.

How did you do? Find out if the other ROWers had more luck than me!


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Update on Sunday”

  1. Sometimes life is like that. Sunday night brought a vomiting ten year old. Just as she was starting to feel a tiny bit better on Tuesday, the dog and cat had an altercation, and the cat was hurt. Also, my Accomplice got the stomach nastiness…

    I never take for granted that I’ll get a lot done, and, like you, I try to prioritize, so that I can get the most important stuff, if not everything.

    I’m doing OK- things are moving forward, and I’m reasonably sure now that I can keep up with A-Z, and have my novella #2 plotted before I finish novel(-la) #1. As for my 31 May stories – well, I’ll need to finish something else before I really think about May, and June and July’s writing challenges are still little spots on the horizon…

    But spring is finally in the air, the cat’s feeling better, and I just had a lovely rambling talk with my 13 year old about storytelling craft.

    And I have coffee. =)

    Life is good here. May it be a joyous and productive week for you – seems to me like you’re doing well, so far! =)

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