End of the week update

How did I get on this week?

Considering I lost such a massive amount of time – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday – I didn’t do too shabby.

My English student cancelled for this week as she wasn’t feeling well, so the fact that I didn’t plan a lesson or teach said lesson had nothing to do with me.

The university assignments were harder. While I made a start on the research, they require more uninterrupted study time than I had this week. Looking at the list, you’ll probably think that I did get a lot of studying done nonetheless. And you’re right, I did.

However, these are bite-size modules that require you to read a few texts and watch a few videos and comment in a forum. Assessment, if at all, was through quizzes (which you can attempt several times), researching how a topic was handled in your local area or contributing to the discussion forums – not remotely as challenging as written a ten-page paper with a long list of references.

  • Submit CCC502 Assignment #5
  • Start planning MA501 Final Paper
  • Write & Submit Sherlock Holmes Story by 26/03
  • Attend Granddad’s 90th birthday lunch
  • Attend Granddad’s 90th birthday party
  • Complete Theatre & Globalisation module #6
  • Complete Global Health & Humanitarianism module #5
  • Complete Modern Middle East module #3
  • Complete Australian Literature module #3 & #4
  • Complete Dutch module #3
  • Complete Interviews module #3
  • Complete International Development module #5
  • Complete Modern Business & Organisations module #3 & #4
  • Complete Community Journalism module #2
  • Plan English lesson
  • Teach English extra tuition

The Theatre & Globalisation course, as well as How To Succeed At Interviews and Introduction to Dutch have come to an end now. That means out of the 11 courses I started with, I am now down to only 6. And three of those will end next week.


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