End of the week update

How did I get on this week?

Considering I lost such a massive amount of time – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday – I didn’t do too shabby.

My English student cancelled for this week as she wasn’t feeling well, so the fact that I didn’t plan a lesson or teach said lesson had nothing to do with me.

The university assignments were harder. While I made a start on the research, they require more uninterrupted study time than I had this week. Looking at the list, you’ll probably think that I did get a lot of studying done nonetheless. And you’re right, I did.

However, these are bite-size modules that require you to read a few texts and watch a few videos and comment in a forum. Assessment, if at all, was through quizzes (which you can attempt several times), researching how a topic was handled in your local area or contributing to the discussion forums – not remotely as challenging as written a ten-page paper with a long list of references.

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#1000Speak Spread the love

Everybody is attractive. But sadly some people are not used to hearing this.

Their clothing size is all that people see when it’s the one thing that does not matter at all.
Attractiveness comes in all shapes, sizes, faiths and sexualities. A person’s heart and soul – they’re the things that matter.

Kindness and charm, joyfulness, loyalty and caring – those attractive traits never go out of fashion. Like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

In order to find gold, you have to dig in the dirt. But once you find it, it’s all you see. Once you see a person for who they are, their attractiveness becomes apparent. And all the rest becomes insignificant.

Photographer unknown.

So spread the love. If you find someone attractive, let them know. They might even thank you with that cute smile you’ve been longing to see them show more often.

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