ROW80 – Last Sunday of Round 1

Hello ROWers!

It’s a late and quick update from me during a five-minute breather while my next pot of coffee brews in the kitchen.

I didn’t get everything done this week. There’ve been a lot of distractions; some small, some bigger, some that really cheered me up and some that really got me down.

So here’s my list:

  • Submit MA501 Assignment #5
  • Submit CCC502 Assignment #5
  • Complete Theatre & Globalisation Module #5
  • Complete Global Health & Humanitarianism Module #4
  • Complete Modern Middle East I Module #2
  • Complete Australian Literature Module #3
  • Complete Dutch Module #3
  • Complete Interviews Module #2
  • Complete International Development Module #4
  • Complete Modern Business & Organisations Module #3
  • Complete Community Journalism Module #1
  • Complete Filmmaking Module #5 & #6
  • Read Devil in Amber by Mark Gatiss
  • Attend Mother Hulda play at Cobra 22/03
  • Write Sherlock Holmes short story
  • Teach English extra tuition

I’m still working on the assignment. I guess I’ll be here a while yet. I managed to pass the Quiz of the Australian Literature module, I just didn’t get to work through all the videos yet. The other two modules are not on a timer, so I can do those next week.

It was a bad week for reading and writing. I haven’t opened my book at all, and I’m still trying to come up with a case that would require Sherlock Holmes. It’s really not that easy. I understand now why Conan Doyle had Watson just skip over the details saying “Holmes did something clever and I didn’t get what it was” in the later stories to get out of having to explain Sherlock’s complicated deductions.

Oh, and I was flipping through TV channels earlier and landed on How I Met Your Mother. And now I’ve got For The Longest Time as sung by Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Radnor stuck in my head (they’re actually really good!).

But I don’t want to suffer alone. So here’s the video (there are 5min and 1 hour looped versions as well….)

Right, coffee’s ready, Youtube blocked and Word is open. Wish me luck. Oh, and say hi to the other ROWers!

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