ROW80 – Uni, Notebooks, Fairytales

Well, it’s Wednesday and it’s ROW80 time again!

I don’t have much to tell you at this point. I’m just working through all my coursework, which is going… much better than expected or hoped for, to be honest!

There had been issues with one of the courses, but they now seem resolved. A new professor has taken over, and the three assignments I submitted during February have all been graded by her within 24 hours of taking over.

And I got 2 A+ and 1 A! I guess this just goes to show that I am good at what I’m doing as long as I’m interested in it.

The urge to tell (most of) my grammar school teachers (the ones who deliberately failed me in tests, told me to just give up as I wouldn’t amount to much and generally thought I was good with languages but really stupid when it came to everything else) to kindly go and screw themselves, is definitely rising.

Martin Freeman as Dr. Jon Watson in BBC's Sherlock
Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson in BBC’s Sherlock

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