Study Tips: How to stay awake

This graphic of 16 Tips To Stay Awake When You’re Tired is by Yumi Sakugawa. These tips will definitely come in handy for students and workers having to pull all-nighters or simply struggling to stay awake.

I tried some of them, being the insomniac I am, and they do work!



Weekly To Do List – February 23

To hold myself accountable, I’ll start posting weekly goals.

I know I already update on ROW80 progress, but I need a list to tick off and I need to be able to keep track.

So this week, I need to do:

  • Write & Submit CCC502 Assignment #3 by 25/02
  • Attend TTIP seminar on 25/02
  • Complete Cultural Studies Module #2 by 26/02
  • Complete International Development Module #1 by 27/02
  • Write & Submit MA501 Assignment #3 by 28/02
  • Complete Theatre & Globalisation Module #2 by 28/02
  • Complete Filmmaking Module #2 & #3 by 01/03
  • Complete Global Health & Humanitarianism Module #1 by 01/03
  • Write 2 short stories
  • Update ROW80 Wednesday
  • Write Weekend Coffee Share on Saturday
  • Update ROW80 Sunday
  • Schedule next week’s blog posts
  • Read The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss

No stress then. And that’s not counting part-time work. Good thing I like learning. The above list might look daunting, but in fairness, that’s less than I had to do per week for homework at Grammar School. Modules will come and go. Some weeks there’ll be more, some weeks there’ll be less. Some of these only last 3 weeks, other last 8 weeks.

I managed to get MA501 Assignment #2 handed in yesterday and already got it back: 100% (A)! So that’s really keeping me motivated.

I also completed Theatre & Globalisation Module #1 yesterday. Luckily, all the modules require only 3 hours on average, so they’re easy to space out over the week.

I’ll let you know in my ROW80 Update on Sunday how I got on. Should you not hear from me until then you know the drill: prod with stick and douse in coffee, that usually does the trick.