ROW80 – No Rest for the Wicked

ROW80. A Round of Words in 80 Days.

Well, I have written. Since Wednesday, I’ve written around 3.000 words for this blog, and probably again that amount for university.

But I haven’t written any short stories. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to write creatively soon, as I am bursting with ideas that currently have nowhere to go.

Even on this blog, I have ten blog posts currently saved as drafts, as I want to write them but don’t really have time for that.

My degree comes first. If you read my Weekend Coffee Share yesterday, you’ll know I’ve been busy Friday to get uni stuff done, plus I participated in #1000Speak.

Some of the books for my 60 Books Challenge (#60Books) have arrived now and I’m reading The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss at the moment. I’m planning to write a short review of each book I read for the challenge.

I’d wished for a relaxing Sunday, but thanks to both my washing machine and my dryer malfunctioning yesterday (one didn’t want to wash properly, the other didn’t want to dry despite running it through 3 cycles) I got behind. I still have my MA501 assignment to finish (which I’m already working on), and then I have to complete the weekly modules on 2 of my Supplement Courses. These courses are on FutureLearn and Coursera for free, and I treat them like Electives through which I can get an introduction to other content and ideas.

I did, however, manage to clean the flat, so at least that’s out of the way. Weekly Sunday Brunch with my dad and sister is also done and dusted, so unless there’s another family emergency, I should have the rest of the day to myself to get cracking.

The thing is: I like learning. As long as the subject matter interests me, I’m all there. I can see myself being one of those grans one day that attend uni courses as guests because they want to keep learning.

My focus is still a bit askew, but it’s getting there. Days are longer, there is more daylight, the garden is starting to bloom again – almost overnight there was a sea of crocuses around my terrace – and sitting at the desk for long hours is getting easier again now that there’s light, and fresh air. SAD sucks. The flat is pretty draughty, so I had to wait till it got warmer to open the windows properly for longer periods.

My desk right now. Photo by Cornelia Kaufmann
My desk right now. Photo by Cornelia Kaufmann

Until 8pm tonight, I have “nuked” all distracting sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, so I can get stuff done. Thank you, StayFocusd Extension! Coffitivity at the ready and Grammarly loaded into Word. I can do this.

Next week will be full-on as well, so the more I can get ahead now and tomorrow, the better it’ll be for me, in the long run. And who knows, I might actually get to write a “proper” story for ROW80 again (although my post Two Strangers And A Pizza – Young and Homeless should count as a story, IMHO).

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 – No Rest for the Wicked”

  1. I feel your pain on the online distractions! Great job “nuking” them (and sticking to it) until the evening. Also nice progress on everything else, in spite of the laundry malfunctions!


    1. Hi Nicole. StayFocusd has a “Nuclear” Option. That means once nuked, you can’t get onto those blocked websites until the the timer expires, there’s no way to override it. This came in very handy so far!
      And thanks, I’m doing my best, but I don’t think my appliances like me very much 🙂


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