ROW80 Update – Books, books and more books!

It’s Sunday again, so it’s time for my ROW80 update, especially considering I completely forgot to write a small post on Wednesday.

First things first: My writing is suffering. Once again I have not written any short stories in a week. All my writing was academic (3 assignments) plus a few updates for this blog like the anticipated review of The Imitation Game.

At this point I’m considering changing my goals for ROW80, as there is still over a month to go. My new aim is to write 3 short stories per week. That’ll definitely remove some pressure.

As I had stated in my original goals, my studies have to come first. i can finally think straight again and focus better on my tasks, so now’s the time to make up for lost time and maybe even get ahead a little. My studies are going well, and as of tomorrow, I will supplement them with free courses on FutureLearn. I explained which courses I’ll take in my Weekend Coffee Share yesterday. These courses only require about 3 hours per week and they last no longer than 8 weeks, so they’re relatively easy to fit in. I love to learn and expand my knowledge, and while this seems a bit much to take on at the moment, I need to establish a rhythm now to keep it up for the rest of my degree. These extra insights can’t hurt and they’re free.

I’m also aiming to read more again. I said yesterday I’d plundered my gran’s attic because she does have loads of books hidden away up there. I took 21 with me, among them 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea, Tai-Pan, Bonjour Tristesse, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and In Cold Blood. They’re all in my native language German and I prefer to read in English, but I won’t snug a good book because it got translated.

I came up with a reading Challenge I’m calling #60Books. Feel free to join me, if you like and if you’re doing it, spread the word! A clean, printable list can be found here.

I’m working on getting a post out that should help you find suitable titles or at least give you ideas where to look. I’ve already read two books this year and listened to an audiobook and radio adaptation, so I crossed those of my list. I started reading The Vesuvius Club, the first book of my selected trilogy by Mark Gatiss last night (or rather, earlier this morning). I admire him as a screenwriter and so far, his novel doesn’t disappoint.

Anyway, this is it from me for today. Now I’ve got to do some more work for uni, prepare for my first extra course tomorrow and schedule next week’s blog posts of tips, hacks and story inspirations. Luckily, tomorrow is only a half-day at work as it’s Karneval (Rose Monday) and we’re fairly close to the parade route, so I’ll be able to lock myself away and study, study, study from lunchtime onwards.

Check here how the other ROWers are doing this week.

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