If We Were Having Coffee… On February 14

Hello! Alaaf, Helau and all that jazz.

Nice to see you.

Perfect timing, the kettle’s just boiled. Would you like coffee or tea?

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’ve been studying a lot, but I’m finally making progress. This week alone I managed to hand in 3 assignments, and I’m already working on the fourth. I also got one assignment back already: B+ on the first assignment on that particular course. Not a bad start (even though I’m a bit peeved I missed getting an A- by 1%…).

If we were having coffee, we’d talk about books at length. I’ve spent ages compiling my lists for the Read Harder & Popsugar Reading Challenges, only to find that the lists include some of the same categories. So I spent time altering them, and adding my own categories, which resulted in Study. Read. Write’s 60 Books ChallengeIf you feel up to it, join me at #60Books. I might actually make this an annual event.

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60 Books to read in 2015 – My List

As part of my slightly altered reading challenge, here are the 60 books I have picked for 2015. Yesterday, my grandma let me raid her attic room, where she kept floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. She can’t read anymore (she’s blind in one eye and only has about 15% sight left in the other), so she said I’m welcome to whatever books I want as she’d only give them away anyway. So I raided the book shelves. 21 books I took with me right there and then, and I left about 20 more on the table as I didn’t have anything to carry all of them in at once. A few of those books I incorporated into the list below. I was actually surprised to find that my gran was a Konsalik fan and had all sorts of popular books hidden away (Tai-Pan, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Bonjour tristesse, just to name a few). Others I will have to buy or I’ve meant to buy anyway. I guess for my birthday I’m just sending round a list of books I’ve compiled on Amazon. Do you agree with my list? Can you recommend anything or would you swap books around? Are you doing a reading challenge as well? Let me know in the comments! Continue reading 60 Books to read in 2015 – My List

60 Books Challenge

Reading Challenges are in! And I had planned to complete both Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, as well as Popsugar’s Reading Challenge 2015.

However, looking at the lists, I realised some of the suggestions are the same. So I took some off.

I altered the list a bit to come up with 60 suggestions in total, and added a few of my own I thought would be interesting, like “A book by an author with your first name” and “A book your mum/dad/grandparents love” among others. (Follow the links to the original Read Harder and Popsugar challenges.)

So, without further ado, I present: My 60 Books Challenge!!

Feel free to join me!

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