Study Tip: Colour-code your notes

When highlighting passages in your textbooks, print-outs and study notes, it does help to have a consistent colour system.

You obviously have to make it relevant to your field of study. For example, lawyers are apparently taught to colour-code  using red highlighters for the holdings of a case, green for general law, yellow for facts etc.

A medical student might colour-code Latin terms, diagnoses, procedures etc.

This is my system:

Colour-code your notes
Colour-code your notes

The trick is not to go overboard with the colours. Only highlight what is necessary, because a completely colourful text will end up confusing you.



6 thoughts on “Study Tip: Colour-code your notes”

  1. You can also use one of those ink pens that have a whole bunch of colors in one. Use it when you are taking notes by hand or even reminders to yourself. Coordinate with the highlighter colors for your printed materials.


    1. I agree! Though they’re not very common in Germany and hard to get. I used them all the time in NZ and the UK, though. Not sure where my stash of them got to. They probably got misplaced while I was moving back to Germany.
      I also use index tabs etc. in the colours above and mark on them what I need to do (i.e. an orange one with the name of someone I need to look into or a green one with a model I need to research). That way I can see them immediately when I look at my binder.

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  2. I actually did this for my grad school notes. 🙂 It worked in helping me find stuff in my notes when I referenced them to write my historiographical papers. Great tip!


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