If We Were Having Coffee… On January 31

Hello, how are you? It’s great to see you at this week’s Weekend Coffee Share!

If we were having coffee today, I would probably meet you at the local café, simply because I need some fresh air and I need to get out of the house for a while.

I’d greet you with a hug and then I’d order a “Pharisäer” (engl.: Pharisee), a hot coffee with rum and whipped cream that’s a national drink from the Nordfriesland region of Germany (where I spent many a childhood holiday). The name does not derive from the Bible, though. It was the name of the homestead (Pharisäerhof) where it originated.

If you’re not into coffee, I would recommend a Tote Tante (engl.: Dead Aunt), basically the same, just with hot chocolate instead of coffee.

Pharisäer drink iwth hot coffee, rum and whipped cream. Delicacy from Nordfriesland. Photographer unknown
Pharisäer drink with hot coffee, rum, and whipped cream. Delicacy from Nordfriesland. Photographer unknown

It’s the sort of day today that warrants warming up a bit more – the windy is bitingly cold, and the weather changed from snow, slush and freezing back to snow. Needless to say, it’s cold and nasty out.

If we were having coffee today, you’d notice quite quickly that I’m sleep deprived. Unfortunately, I had another call-out to my grandparents’ house last night at 10pm. Granddad had managed to pick open his head wound and needed to go back to the hospital to get stitches again. I had to keep gran company, but first of all, I had to clean up the blood (and other bodily fluids). Granddad’s home again and has been told to leave the wound alone. As my mother parked her car behind mine and blocked me in, I had no choice but to wait and help until they were both changed (not something I’d have wanted to see, like, ever) and in bed. As neither mum nor myself had had any dinner before the call, we drove to McDonald’s as it was the only place left open. At 2am, in heavily falling snow.

I’d tell you that last night’s emergency completely screwed up my plan to finish an assignment on time, as Friday night is usually my main study night. And yes, that’s how I party. Obviously I’m glad that granddad’s fine, but I’m getting a bit annoyed that I always seem to be the one on call, never my sister. I really need to get some serious studying done for this course and I hate missing (self-imposed) deadlines. It stresses me out when I fall behind again, and at the moment, I don’t think I’ll get back into the rhythm I set myself, as the study material that is available is quite complex. My Study Binder Organization downloads came along nicely, though. At least I’m organized now, so that’s something.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’m still annoyed at my university. The dead URLs issue has still not been resolved. I emailed them again, asking for alternatives and this time I copied my student advisor in and told him that half the core reading is no longer available. I first got only reply saying “We offer hundreds of courses, we can’t check them all the time” (no, but just a quick check whether the syllabus is still up to date before you send it out would help), and then one from my professor saying “the university os now revising and will be in contact shortly.” I’m sorry, but you’re the professor of the course, everything is in your name and you put together the syllabus. Shouldn’t it be you checking these things?!?

I’d better switch subjects here, as you probably wouldn’t want to hear the rest of the rant.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve signed up for the A to Z Challenge in April. This year, April will have 26 days (not counting Sundays) so the challenge is to write a blog post per day, each post having something to do with the corresponding letter for that day. I found this thanks to fellow blogger and coffee sharer Gene’O.

I’d also tell you that I just watched The X-Files episode “Deep Throat” from season 1 and I’m about to review it for Emily Ecrivaine Reviews once I’m done writing this post. I’m scheduling in a review per week though that might get pushed to fortnightly. The other night I watched my absolute favourite X-Files episode “Post Modern Prometheus” and realised once again just what an impact it had on me and my social life during my teenage years. And just a hint: should you ask me to dance just like that and then proceed to give me that look as well, I’d be a happy little Scully….

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that my writing has suffered due to my studies, but I’m slowly but surely getting back on track of the daily stories. I had wanted to write a story last thing at night, but as of tomorrow, I’m switching it to right after lunch in the one hour of free time before I start my studies.

Anyway, that’s it from me for this week. I really needed that talk, as I don’t get out of the house often these days. Thank you for stopping by!

I’ve got to get back to my review and then another two hours or so of studying before I can call it quits tonight.

Hope to see you again soon. Same time, next week?

In case you need more caffeine, here are the other Weekend Coffee Sharers.

Having a cuppa at Alex in Solingen, Germany. Photo: Cornelia Kaufmann
Having a cuppa at Alex in Solingen, Germany. Photo: Cornelia Kaufmann





14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… On January 31”

  1. Oh my, that drink sounds lovely!

    Sorry to hear that you had such an emergency last night, but so admirable of you to take care of things. And sorry to hear that the university info is still giving you fits.

    Also, glad to see you joining the A-Z Challenge! Last year was the first time Gene’O and I participated, and we met a lot of neat bloggers and had a lot of fun in the process. 🙂


      1. It really is, and it’s a lot of fun! We had a really great time last year, and I’m looking so forward to doing it again this year. It’s going to be even more fun that we know so many bloggers who are participating this year, I think.


  2. Thanks so much for the delicious coffee, and you can rant at me any time. I’m glad you got the opportunity to talk it out. It’s hard when you’re behind schedule, but it sounds as though you’re back on top. I hope your grandparents are okay. It sounds like a very traumatic experience, so I wish you all well.

    I’m doing the A to Z Challenge and it’s my first time, so I’ll look forward to chatting with you about the experience. Take good care and have a great weekend.


    1. Hi! Oh, believe me, you wouldn’t want to get me started on y proper rant. I swear more than Martin Freeman! 😀
      Granddad is ok, though we suspect some of the meds might be screwing with him.
      The A to Z Challenge sounds great, though I should probably sit down and plan ahead a little instead of winging it.
      Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by for a cuppa! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I ended up buying those X-Files collections on DVD. It’s so cool to see all the episodes organized into story threads and not jumping around.
    Sorry about your grandfather. Hopefully things will get better. Thanks for sharing coffee.


  4. What a delicious drink! I think I’ve found a new favorite! It really does sound like it has been difficult for you the past week and dealing with the university is soundling like a nightmare with everyone pawning off the resposibility on someone else. I hope that is resolved soon.


    1. The trick with this drink is not to stir but drink it through the cream. (I learned the hard way that getting caught stirring it means you’re buying a round for everyone). What annoys me most about the university issue is that I can’t believe I’m supposed to be the first one to notice that half the material is missing. If I could just look up a few journal articles by myself and then call myself Master of Arts, that’d be brilliant. If they can’t even provide core reading (and there are no online lectures) I’m starting to wonder what the tuition fee is for.
      Thank you for having coffee with me! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember even us kids getting served proper Tote Tante with rum in it. And we were maybe 10 or 12? The landlord/publican we were staying with sort of forgot that he was serving kids as well when we came in absolutely drenched and frozen and he brought out a round of drinks to warm us up 😀
      Granddad is doing ok – we now suspect it’s mainly his meds messing with him, so we’re looking into that.

      Liked by 1 person

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