Character Inspiration: Gay Pride Punk & Kid

Here’s the story I found with this picture by M. Lambrechts:

This meeting happened at a Gay Pride event in Brussels, Belgium in 2009. The child is the son of a gay couple attending the event and he got curious about this punk’s spiked jacket. So he went over and asked whether he could touch the spikes as he wanted to check whether they’re sharp or not. To give him better access, the punker knelt down and talked to him, amused by the kid’s reactions. When the two dads called their son back to them, the boy gave the punk a little kiss before returning to his fathers.

Photo by M. Lambrechts, Brussels 2009
Photo by M. Lambrechts, Brussels 2009

Just one little picture doing away with a multitude of prejudices.


2 thoughts on “Character Inspiration: Gay Pride Punk & Kid”

  1. I remember when I saw my first punks…I think I was 10 or 11, visiting California…With my wild imagination, I inked them with fairies or some sort of otherworldy being…I wanted to go up to them and say how beautifully ethereal I thought they were, but I was too reserved to do so…


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