ROW80 on Sunday – short and sweet

This is just a quick update for ROW80.

I’ve got a university paper due tomorrow morning, so all my focus has been on my studies these past few days.  I have not written another short story for ROW80 as previously planned, as I simply didn’t have enough time to do so.

You could check out my Weekend Coffee Share, though, or the review I wrote about BBC Two’s film The Eichmann Show.

Once I finish my paper tonight (and had dinner) I will attempt to schedule the next two weeks’ worth of Study Tips, Life Hacks, Character/Setting Inspiration and Story Prompts. This will also include that long-awaited look into my College Binder and the system I use.

Sorry, I can’t spend more time with you right now. I’m just making another cup of Afternoon Tea and then I really need to put my butt back in the chair and fingers on the keyboard and get cracking!

Short and sweet update, as promised. I promise I’ll come round to your blogs and participate more in the likes & comments exchange once the paper’s handed in!

Here’s what everyone else is up to.

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