Life Hack: Pandora Music to help you study

Pandora Music Life Hack: listen to music by Hans Zimmer while studying or working on urgent work assignments. He is the composer of the film scores for movies like Inception, The Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, 12 Years a Slave, Da Vinci Code and many more.

Life Hacks Hans Zimmer Pandora

In case you don’t know, Pandora is an Internet Radio. Unfortunately it seems that only those based in the US, Australia and New Zealand still have full access to it, though.


One thought on “Life Hack: Pandora Music to help you study”

  1. This is perfect! I always look for this kind of stuff for EXACTLY that situation…and I love movie soundtracks! I even wrote a blog entry about it…. (some do have lyrics but a few are pretty rhythmic/chanty so they aren’t too distracting!)

    I also found this guy who has this videos on youtube that are good ..called “Beautiful Ambient Space Music”

    Any other recommendations you’d like to share? <–always looking for new listens…


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