ROW80 – Study trouble and troubling movies

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s ROW80 Update time.

I managed to write a little bit on Monday but didn’t get a chance to write a story yesterday or today.

My university work has kept me quite busy. It’s a lot of printing, sorting, highlighting at the moment. So far, I’ve been following my new weekly schedule and it seems to be working alright. I will get around to posting more about my binder organisation, agenda and schedule later this week, I just need to tweak a few things a bit beforehand.

I am still trying to make Cover Sheets for all my required reading, as I have to print most of it out. As it’s an online degree, we don’t work with textbooks.

However, one of my module overviews lists 13 URLs. As the assignments have to do with the texts from those files, I take it those 13 documents are required reading, right? Now, out of the 13 links, 8 don’t work. They end in 404 errors as the date the module was thrown together was in April 2010. The links have not been checked again.

I contacted my professor to let her know. I’ve asked her to provide the missing documents or alternative links. In the meantime, I’d try and locate some myself.

She emailed back that “really, at this stage, students should do their own research.” Ok, fair enough. This is a Master’s degree, after all. But this is Module 1 of a course I just started. The links are in the syllabus! Which I take to mean that those are set texts. They should be provided by the university. If this was an on-campus course, I’d expect hand-outs and set texts in a lecture or at least a recommendation by a professor on where to look for more info after we’d had a lesson on a certain subject. I don’t mind researching further into a subject matter, but at least the core material should be provided, don’t you think? Seriously, I’d like to know your opinion on this.

I’m actually really peeved about this. The tuition is pretty high for an online course. We don’t get text books, print outs etc., have to pay all the printing ourselves. And they can’t provide links? Not even PDFs, just LINKS! One of the documents used to be free. Now you have to pay a subscription to the journal it appeared in. I don’t see why I should have to pay for a journal I only need 1 article (from 1995) out of, when the university should be able to provide it.

Now, I know I’m not the most patient girl around. I’m really trying to stay calm and be polite and I’m trying to word another email to the professor to please provide the information. I can’t have been the first to point out all the links are dead. And I had a lookahead. The situation is the same in the other three modules of this course as well! I’m not a trouble-maker, I’m really not, but I always seem to be the one who finds mistakes or has a reason to complain or challenge.

Ok. Deep breath. Change of topic.

I watched The Eichmann Show today on BBC2, for which I’m currently writing a review. Let’s just say it’s excellent but very upsetting. More in my next post!

Right, I’ll let you get back to your lives.

Although, if you wanted to check out the other ROWers, you could do so here.

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5 thoughts on “ROW80 – Study trouble and troubling movies”

  1. How frustrating to have a prof who can’t provide decent materials. What an attitude she has! Sounds like you’ve got an awful lot on your plate. Here’s wishing you a better week ahead and access soon to the materials you need.


    1. Thank you. It’s delaying everything when you have to go trawl through archives to find one mention of the article you’re meant to read. Some of these articles are needed for assignments as I have to reference them, so without them it’s kinda hard going….


  2. Huh. I would be peeved as well — are you going to be tested on the material from those 13 links? And really, professor can’t be bothered to update her syllabus more than once every five years?

    Hope you find what you need! Also have to say your blog is lovely 🙂 I’m revamping mine myself…hard work! (I’m a fellow ROW80-er, trying it out for the first time!)

    Good luck!


  3. Maybe try searching for just 2 of those articles by the title? That has worked for me when links don’t work (that and/or title + author). I can’t imagine a teacher being that blase about course materials (and I HATE canned lectures, even online). I hope this all gets sorted pretty quick so you can focus on that more important stuff . . . like writing and reading! Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources. Hope your week improves. 🙂


    1. Hi Beth, yes, that’s what I’ve been doing. Put the author’s surname and title of the document/article in google scholar. I found some journal entries that way. Others I tried the main site and searched from there in case stuff got moved around in the archives. But there were 2 ThinkQuest pages that were discontinued in 2013 and the citation only reads “ThinkQuest (2007). Communication” and I have no idea how to find the article or what was written about Communication in it.


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