12 FREE Google Chrome Extensions for productive students

Need to boost your productivity while studying? Whether you are in High School, College or Grad School, chances are half your study material and research is online.

It’s becoming increasingly more important to have the right tools at your disposal. Luckily there are 12 nifty Google Chrome Extensions that will help you be and stay productive.

Google Chrome Extensions

This little extension lets you add a timer to your toolbar. It comes preset with 1min, 5min, 10min and 30min, but you can change the times to suit your needs.

Adblock Plus
You know those annoying, flashing ads everywhere? No matter whether it’s on Facebook or your favourite website, Adblock Plus gets rid of (nearly) all of them. No more click-bait time-wasting!

No matter what you type online, Grammarly will check that it’s grammatically correct. The free extension will check the most critical issues. A premium upgrade will check everything and can be added to Microsoft Word as well.

Stayfocusd is a clever extension that will allow you to block the sites on which you waste most of your time. You can set the amount of time and days to block, or set it to “Nuclear” when you’re cramming for a test. The Nuclear Option will disable all blocked sites immediately without a “grace period” (you usually get 15 minutes across all blocked sites before the block comes into effect).

Save to Pocket
While this extension requires you to also have the Pocket app on your phone or tablet, it does enable you to “pocket” any website and read it offline at your leisure. Perfect for reading something on the go without killing your data plan!

Sometimes (especially when you receive your education outside the US) your school/university will give you links to websites that might not be available in your country. Like a Youtube video with a lecture you have to discuss, but can’t access. Hola lets you temporarily reset your country to gain access for free.

Google Dictionary
Researching a topic online and you come across terminology you don’t immediately understand? The Google Dictionary extension lets you highlight any words and by simply clicking on the dictionary icon, it will give you the definition as well as example uses. The default is set to English, but you can change the language if necessary.

Note Anywhere
Think of something clever or find something you have to remember but you don’t have a pen and paper to hand? Note Anywhere lets you add a post-it notepad anywhere on a webpage (or multiple ones, in different colours) and it sticks so you won’t lose it when you leave the site.

Scrible Toolbar
Clicking on the Scrible Toolbar icon opens an editor toolbar that lets you highlight text, add text, add notes and send the lot to your email, Facebook or Twitter.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate
How often do you have to take screenshots and end up with only the bit that’s visible, but not the entire page? Well, no more! Awesome Screenshot lets you capture the entire page or just a selected area. But before you save it, you also have the chance the annoted it with text, highlights and more.

Google URL Shortener
When finding resources online, you might come across very long URLs. Especially when you want to share them with others, 5 lines of code look unprofessional. Just click the icon when you’re on the website and it’ll come up with a short-code for you right away.

Print Friendly & PDF
Ever had to read a long web article and wished you could print it and save it to Word or PDF? You don’t need to copy and paste ever again. Print Friendly & PDF will convert the website you are reading into a printable layout, which you can also convert to PDF. It automatically gets rid of website margins and comment sections for you, but you can also edit it a bit more to take out the things you don’t need. No more losing links or not being able to access a site again.



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