I’ve been blitzed!

Some of you may have noticed that the Outback Sunset picture I posted as a Setting Inspiration yesterday received a phenomenal amount of comments. So how come I’m suddenly so popular?

Well, I’ve been blitzed!

You may have noticed the little picture on my left-hand margin. It looks like this:

Blog Blitz Edit

That means I’m part of DL Hammons’ Blog Blitz Team. And yesterday the lovely Blog Blitz Team members took time out of their day to come over to Study. Read. Write. to have a look around, leave encouraging comments on the last thing I posted and generally make my day special.

So I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came by yesterday and liked, commented, followed and / or had coffee.

I received the very first comment just as I was about to start my work day and it said “Happy Blitz Day!” I’ve been a member of the team for a while now and we get emails every other week in which 2 blogs get singled out, a date is agreed upon and then we all go over and visit those blogs on the agreed-upon day.

And yesterday, it was my turn. I must have been singled out, because this time I didn’t get an email. If you’d like to join us, click on the picture above and it’ll take you to the sign up Linky Tool. The only restriction is that your blog can’t be primarily commercial.

All through work, I kept checking my phone to see the notifications coming in and each new comment and like brought a smile to my face. It really did make my day special. I’d just kinda want to know how I was introduced in that email I know went out to everybody else.

I’d always hoped that, once it’s my Blitz Day turn, I’d have posted something proper and profound for people to read and discuss as my last entry. But now I realise, that posting a picture, by coincidence, was much better.

I don’t know whether every team member (and there are currently 129 of us) would have taken the time to read to the end and then comment as well. I always try to read everything, and more than one blog post too, but I know that sometimes there’s no time for that.

So a photo was the best thing I could have posted. Easy to look at and take in, easy to comment on and nobody got stuck with 20 pages of me rambling on. Perfect.

Thank you again everyone. I know some of you are now following Study. Read. Write here on WordPress, via Facebook and on Twitter, so I hope you’ll like what I’ll share on here.

Thank you, salute NPH


8 thoughts on “I’ve been blitzed!”

  1. To answer your question…when I send out those notifications I usually use information from the ABOUT ME section of the targeted blog…unless I know the blogger personally and then I’ll add a few snippets from my own experience with them.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the experience. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to wonder the same about my introduction when I was blitzed last month.
      This is cool to know.
      Thank you.

      Happy blitz day to you Conny!
      I can see it was a good one. Sorry but I had bad network yesterday and could not comment.
      I agree with your thought about a picture being a good post for blitz day.
      Keep writing.


  2. Just want you to know I left you a comment about this a couple of weeks ago, but lost the thread. Just signed on with this. Thought you might like to know 🙂


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