ROW80 Midweek Update – BICFOK

My Midweek ROW80 update comes with a stern note to self: BICFOK!!

In case you don’t know what that means, it stands for:

Butt In Chair, Fingers On Keyboard! 

No Excuses!
No Excuses!

Out of my ROW80 Goals, the blogging is currently going best, even though I should be focusing on my studies.

I REALLY need to get some serious writing done, especially for my university degree.

But first things first:

I’m actually achieving my Blogging Goals for ROW80. As of Monday, I have set up a new Blogpost Schedule for Study. Read. Write. which will make it easier for me to publish regularly and focus my writing on important updates and articles.

Mondays: Study Tips
Tuesdays: Character Inspiration (Photo Prompts)
Wednesdays: ROW80 / General Update & Story Prompt
Thursdays: Setting Inspiration (Photo Prompts)
Fridays: Life Hacks / College Life Tips
Saturdays: Weekend Coffee Share
Sundays: ROW80 Update / General Update

The Character, Story an Setting Prompts, as well as most Life Hacks, are pictures I can preload and schedule for publication. The only thing left for me to do is find and credit the source/copyright holder.

I’m hoping to build quite a collection of useful writing prompts you all can use for your stories, novels and poems. I’ll do my best to vary characters and settings to give you a good selection to choose from.

The Study Tips require a bit of writing and research, but most are fairly easy to put together as well. That will leave me with only the ROW80 updates and Weekend Coffee Shares to write on the actual day.

I will try to spend every second Sunday scheduling posts for the next two weeks so I know I’ll have blog content to go up. This way I can write articles, general updates, reviews etc. when I have the time for them and won’t spend my evenings scouring the internet for something to blog about. I’m also updating my agenda to include “Schedule 2 weeks of blogposts” every other Sunday so I won’t forget.

Studies are not going too well. I’m reading the texts but I can’t concentrate on the information. Work has come in the way again as well. On Monday, I had to look after my gran until lunchtime. I usually only work until lunchtime, so I had to make up my hours later and stay longer still because it was our deadline day. My granddad had to go to hospital because he fell and cut his head open, so I got an early call to go to my gran’s house. We had breakfast together but while I made coffee, gran buttered the bread – and didn’t notice it had gone mouldy, so I bit into it and got food poisoning (I managed to throw hers away before she could take a bite).

I actually tried to study at the office, mainly because the desks are much wider (read: I can spread out stuff). The printer is also much quicker and there’s an actual desktop computer, while I normally just use a laptop. It’s also warmer in the office than my flat.

However, I couldn’t concentrate there either. As soon as I had sat down to work, my mother started to clean around me and brought out the vacuum cleaner. So I did the dishes (so nobody can say I didn’t help) and fled.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a GP appointment next week, as the fatigue and lack of concentration as well as a few other symptoms, are starting to concern me and can’t be explained by SAD alone anymore. If it’s just the case of increasing vitamins etc. that’s fine, but I’d like to know just to be sure.

Yesterday I had a lovely Skype chat with a friend of mine for three hours. It felt good to talk and laugh with her, but due to her currently being in China, it’s sometimes hard to schedule in time for a chat.

She doesn’t have a blog, so she won’t be doing the official version, but she’s been wanting to start writing and I’ve convinced her to start today and do the remainder of the ROW80 Round. She’ll send me her updates and I’ll send her mine so we can hold each other accountable.

My writing is going pretty well. I’ve published my first X-Files Review over at Emily Ecrivaine Reviews where I’ve now to my own X-Files Reviews Page. It’s a bit weird to review a show I grew up with and that is over 20 years old, but at the same time it’s great to have an excuse to spend and evening or two watching one of my favourite shows again.

As for my stories, it’s mainly one WIP at the moment, which I add to at night. I missed Monday’s chapter, but all in all it is going well. I only do one chapter of around 500 words at a time, and it’s great to jump around in the plot. I’m totally pantsying it, no previous plot outline except for the general idea that two of my protagonists were rumoured to have been near  the site of a bomb blast. The short chapters allow me to change point of view, leave on cliff-hangers to switch to the action across the way or even skip back or ahead in time. It’s quite fun, especially because when I sit down with my notebook and pen I have no idea where my story will be at by the time I’m done.

I do enjoy the writing journey, though.


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20 thoughts on “ROW80 Midweek Update – BICFOK”

  1. Hi, Conny … Nice to meet you. Congrats on establishing a doable blogging schedule and actually scheduling posts ahead of time. Woohoo! (I used to blog daily. Sigh!)
    Anyhoo, all the best with your writing, reading, and studying goals
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Hope your grandparents are doing okay.


    1. Hi Steph, nice to meet you too!!
      Thank you, I finally got around to making a proper schedule. New Year and all that, hehehe.
      And thank you for considering my grandparents. All’s good for now, knock on wood!
      TTFN 🙂


  2. Conny, stress can play a big part in physical ailments (I’ve first hand experience with that and blogged about it this past Monday). You have a lot on your plate. I do like how you’re trying to come up with a workable schedule. Just don’t forget to allow yourself nurturing time–not a luxury but a necessity.
    I love the picture of the sunset!
    Sia McKye Over Coffee


    1. Hi Sia, I know a lot of it is stress-related, that doesn’t make the effects any less annoying, though. I’m currently drawing up a new weekly schedule and there’ll be free time on it! I think I’ve finally come up with a way of tricking myself to be more productive! Glad you like the Sunset photograph!


  3. Hi Conny, nice to meet you. I get the feeling you enjoy writing a lot. Blogging, reviews, stories, school work and then some. You do not seem to be making enough time for the most important thing in your life, you. Take care and Happy Blitz Day! Beste


    1. Nice to meet you too! Well, part of my writing is job related, but the creative writing is purely to stay sane, believe me. It’s like therapy. I am, however, making some changes in order to get a bit more time just for myself.


  4. I’m hoping your lack of attention is due to nothing serious, like maybe not enough sleep? I don’t know what it is like to have concentration (I’ve had Attention Deficit Disorder since I was in elementary school), so I know the struggle you’re going through now.

    I think it is sweet how you and your friend are doing a “private ROW80.” Writer friends are some of the best support out there.

    Good luck with your posting schedule and I hope things get better for your studies. 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Gloria.
      I know I don’t sleep enough, but that’s one of the symptoms I guess. It just messes with me and I really can’t afford to waste any more time as I need to get my MA sorted. If ADD messes with you like this you have my sympathy!

      My friend isn’t into blogging and she’s kind of stranded over there. She beta read my first NaNo novel, so this is me doing what i can for her.

      And thank you. Keep your fingers crossed!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I like the stamp, I need one. I’ve been lax on all my writing/blogging plans. I do keep up with my writing group assignments, though. But I understand the need to slow down sometimes, re-evaluate. You will get there again Conny.


    1. Thank you Dolorah! I know I will, though I’d like winter to be over now. Had enough of all this cold and miserable weather 🙂 You should get that stamp and put it rigt above your desk! 🙂


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