Life Hacks, Study Tips and Story Prompts

Alrighty then!
New year, new routine for Study. Read. Write.

I’ll include Study Tips, Life Hacks and Story Prompts from now on on a more or less regular basis.

For a lot of students, school, college, university/grad school is starting back up next week and as a student myself I do find I need a few more tips on staying focused and organised.

And a few life hacks that will help throughout college (and dorm life) and beyond can’t hurt.

Some of the tips and hacks will be written by myself, others I will share with you from sites such as Pinterest (or wherever else I found them), with back-links to the originals (much like reblogs).

My random ramblings, reviews, updates and coffee breaks will continue. Not to worry. I just thought that a few tricks on how to survive college, prompts to inspire creative writing and a few good-to-know titbits of information would make a blog called “Study. Read. Write.” a bit more relevant.