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ROW80 Check-In Again

OK, so I’m late again.

Time Management is definitely on my list of things I need to make an effort learning next year. But to be fair, I’ve been swamped with work. We close the office tomorrow at noon and still had loads of clients to finish. Yesterday, I pulled 5 hours worth of overtime. Today I did another 2.

I’ve been writing my short stories, and that’s coming along nicely. It’s mainly flash fiction these days, extremely short (around 500 words) but I’m counting it a success that I am writing no matter what. I still don’t like writing in German though, and my English texts far outweigh the German ones.

I did say on Sunday that I’d just interviewed my friend Alex Hofmann about her non-fiction book Menschen mit Meer which is about 13 people on the autistic spectrum. Her approach to getting published was quite unusual. There’s an English translation of the interview, or you can try to read the original German version. It’s the first proper interview I have done in a long time. Alex just read it and is more than happy with it, so if she’s happy I’m happy with it as well.

Autism is a topic close to my heart. Quite a few of my friends are somewhere along the spectrum, and one of my ex-boyfriends (and his brother, and his nephew) has Asperger’s Syndrome. Since that relationship, I’ve been involved in fundraising for the National Autistic Society.

My studying isn’t going well at the moment, but that’s down to the stress at work and with Christmas preparations. I’m hoping to have a bit more quiet from tomorrow lunchtime onwards. Except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I intend to lock myself away and get some serious studying done.

Not much else to say at this point.

Here’s how the other ROW80 participants are getting on!


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