ROW80 Update – 2 flasks of tea

It’s 11.50pm and I’ve only just finished my interview with my dear friend author Alex Hofmann, who wrote Menschen mit Meer, a book about people with Autism.

We just spent 3 hours talking, catching up on things and interviewing each other. I obviously interviewed her about her book, which was published by Verlag Kleine Wege in 2013.She interviewed me for a university paper on cultural differences. We drank two kettles’ worth of tea between us. It was great fun!

Alex and I met while working on the Youth Page for our local newspaper, so interviews are nothing new to either of us. While she recorded mine (she used to do radio as well), I went the old-fashioned way of notepad and pen.

I will post two versions of the interview shortly, one in German, one in English.

Stay tuned!