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Maple Latte at Toykio Gallery & Coffee

A little bit of Canadian flavour is probably the last thing you’d expect in a trendy art gallery, café and shop in the middle of Düsseldorf’s Japanese Quarter. I was expecting whacky, and weirdly wonderful Japanese flavours at Toykio, but I was surprised that their Maple Latte managed to blow my mind!

Amid frozen yogurts, smoothies and various other coffees, the Maple Latte stands out as one of the more random options. Sure, there’s Americano and Cappucchino, but it’s been a while since I last saw anything with maple in it advertised in Germany (or elsewhere in Europe, to be honest).

After a cold night out on one of Düsseldorf’s Christmas Markets, this drink was just what I needed. I visited Toykio with friends, who ordered Americanos and Cappucchinos. When our order arrived, we each took a careful sip, sat back, put the cup back down and looked at each other. “This is really good coffee” all three of us said at the same time, and I can’t remember the last time that happened either.

The coffee they use in this Latte seems to be stronger than your average café coffee. The maple syrup gives it a homey scent and taste that just hits the right spot. It’s strong, but mild in taste and sweetly thanks to the maple syrup, perfect for lounging around a bit rather than gulping it down on the go.

It’s the lazy Sunday morning pancake stack of coffees!

Maple Latte at Toykio Düsseldorf. Photo: San/Foodspotting
Maple Latte at Toykio Düsseldorf. Photo: San/Foodspotting

Maple Latte: € 4,00
Toykio, Immermannstraße 18, Düsseldorf


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