ROW80 – Sign of Life

I skipped a whole week of ROW80 updates, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything in the meantime!

It’s the beginning of the month again, and once again my job took over. We’re extremely busy until the 10th of each month, and because we close for Christmas on the 19th, we have to get everything done beforehand. Most days, I don’t really get to eat a proper breakfast, and on busy days often only have biscuits or bananas for lunch at the office. Today, the doorbell rang, and one of my dad’s employees (who had just had lunch with my gran in town) simply handed me a Burger King bag with a long Chili Cheese sandwich and an orange juice inside. All he said was “Your gran thought you hadn’t eaten yet.” Bless her! Now I’ve got a lunch invitation for tomorrow to enjoy gran’s home cooking. Result!!

I’ve kept writing short pieces and I’m actually glad to write by hand. I find I get distracted less often when I write by hand, on computers with internet access are simply too many temptations.

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Maple Latte at Toykio Gallery & Coffee

A little bit of Canadian flavour is probably the last thing you’d expect in a trendy art gallery, café and shop in the middle of Düsseldorf’s Japanese Quarter. I was expecting whacky, and weirdly wonderful Japanese flavours at Toykio, but I was surprised that their Maple Latte managed to blow my mind!

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