Self-Promotion Friday

Fridays in the NaNoWriMo Facebook Group are not like normal Fridays. No! They turn into a frenzy of likes, comments and self-promotion. The madness that is Self-Promotion Friday.

The idea is simple: every member with an author page, book page or blog page on Facebook can post the link and ask the others to like it.

The others will then leave a comment linking to their own pages (and usually also post a separate status with their link as well), so they can be liked in return.

We call it self-promo Friday. Turn-out depends on the mood of the day. Whenever a lot of newbies join, there’s usually an increase in activity, while at other times, the same 10 people might be making the rounds.

But it is a great idea for socialising and networking. You actually get to see what others are working on (if they share that sort of thing). Some members might even run small publishing or proof-reading businesses, and as an aspiring author it never hurts to have those kind of contacts at the ready.

While you can also promote your writing and website without having a separate page for it on Facebook, those kind of status updates normally don’t get as many clicks because there’s no easy Like Button that lets you follow it in a single click.

My current goal is to get 300 Likes on Study. Read. Write.’s Facebook page. If you like it, you can either follow through the link or the Like Box on your right. Leave your page’s address and I will like yours in return.

Let’s see how big this network really is, shall we?

EDIT 07/12/2014: Because two other groups also jumped on the Self-promo bandwagon, I achieved my goal of surpassing 300 Likes! That’s  60+ Likes within a few hours!


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