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ROW80 – End of November update

I know I have missed the last check-in for ROW80, so here’s my update.

Since I validated my NaNoWriMo win I’ve not written more for that story. I have written a few short stories for ROW80, but I started one that turned out to hit a bit too close to home and it brought back a few memories I’d rather put behind me.

But then again, writing is therapeutic, so I guess it’s good to get it all out.

So yeah, for the very first time, I kind of managed to trigger myself. That, combined with the cold weather (it’s freezing but there’s no snow yet) and dark meant I’d get up for my part-time job, go back to bed in the afternoon and write/study at night.

SAD never used to affect me this badly. But “holidays” (well, time off work but not away from anything else) are within sight (19 days to go!) and I’ve got a lot to do and finish until then, so the pressure acts as a good motivator to beat the blues.

Maybe it’s because I’m a journalist, but I work best under the pressure of a deadline.

In other news: I’ve spent the last few nights compiling gift ideas and came up with a list of 10 gifts each for Writers, Readers and Students, as well as 10 Stocking Fillers.

Not much else to report at this point. Hopefully next week will be better!

Check how the other ROW80 participants are doing!

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2 thoughts on “ROW80 – End of November update”

  1. I am late myself, but it’s not quantity of text one writes. but rather the journey. I was feeling a little meh, when I read several articles online.
    Anyways best of luck to your writing journey. Be sweet and passes you coffee.


  2. Couldn’t resist looking at your wish list for writers. What fun! I’m leaning toward that game, bananagrams (hooked on Scrabble already). Maybe we should expect a little letdown after finishing NaNo, but I’m still excited at the different directions (often unexpected) that surge of drafting brought. Now to tame that into ONE story! I definitely get what you said about some stories hitting too close to areas you’d rather not write. But sometimes our stories come out a bit dark. Hope the coming week brings sparkle back, no more SAD. We lived in Oregon for many years. Trust me. You had to wear bright colors in the winter! Be well. Write more!


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