Slay the 50k – NaNoWriMo 2014

So this happened today:

NaNo2014 Winner cert CK


At 50,447 words it’s not finished by a long shot and it will need some serious editing.

I also counted several of my short stories with the same subject matter and characters in the official word count. Because they belong, somehow.

To be honest, though, NaNoWriMo this year was a distraction. I know me, and I can’t resist a writing challenge. ROW80 is fine. As long as I write something then that’s fine. But NaNo has that pressure behind it and the whole community. I end up getting bombarded on Facebook and by email with NaNoWriMo updates. But now that I was able to validate, I can go and devote all my time to my studies. No more NaNo distractions. Only short stories and poems.

So: Yay!




*drops dead*


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