National Theatre’s Frankenstein: The Role Reversal

It is not very often that you get to watch a play in which the two lead actors switch roles every night. It’s rarer still to be able to watch both performances and then compare how the actors approached the characters. Yet that’s exactly what you are able to do with The National Theatre’s 2011 play Frankenstein.

Last week, I went to an encore screening of Frankenstein, that featured Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, The Imitation Game, Third Star) as The Creature and Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary, Endgame, Eli Stone) as Victor Frankenstein.

Yesterday, they showed the play with reverse cast,which means that Benedict Cumberbatch became the mad scientist while Jonny Lee Miller became his creation.

It’s amazing to see two takes on the same role. While both have the set script and actions to adhere to, the way they portray their characters differs greatly.

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