Joining the Blog Blitz Blog Hop

The other day, I found an interesting link on a random blog I read. It just said Blog Blitz.

The Blog Blitz is a Blog Hop for writers. Anybody with a reading/writing related blog can sign up, as long as the blog is not primarily for commercial gain.

The idea behind this blog hop is to meet new bloggers and once in a while, random targets are selected to get “Blitzed”. That means that on an agreed-upon day, all members of the Blog Blitz Team should head over to the selected blog(s), read the most recent blog post and leave encouraging comments behind.

You can become a member of the Blog Blitz Team by entering your blog into the Linky Tool, including your name and email address so you can get updates on which blogs to target next.

Blog Blitz is the brain child of DL Hammons. I think this idea of supporting fellow bloggers, getting exposed to the writings of others and encouraging them to write more is brilliant!

The Blog Blitz was relaunched today, as there were over 150 dead links in the original Linky Tool from March 2013 and too many people just hoping for free publicity and a surge in viewing stats.

But if you want to meet other bloggers, see what they have to say and encourage them in their blogging endeavours, join the Blog Blitz Team!

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