ROW80 Mid-Week update

It’s already time for another mid-week ROW80 update.

First of all, my studies are going well. After a hiccup with the university and the courses I was enrolled in (one professor didn’t answer any student emails), it’s all sorted now. I’ve also got a plan in place to keep me focused on my studying, so that is excellent!

I’m also doing the free Start Writing Fiction course at the Open University. I’m a bit behind in that, but luckily it’s easy to catch up within a reasonable timeframe. I should be all caught up by the time I go to bed tonight.

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Running Over Copyrights

What you need to know about Image Copyrights

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Stop SignIn my haste to post Planning A Blog, I rushed to find free images to illustrate it and inadvertently used a photograph without permission or credit. I didn’t see the photographer’s name in the link, which is just about the same as running a red light.

A few days after the post was up, the photographer contacted me and sent me a bill for “release from liability of copyright infringement for unauthorised and uncredited” use of his image. I apologized and appealed, to no response. So I’ve paid the fee, and I’m writing this post both to make amends and to warn others not to make the same mistake, even unwittingly.

There are images available to use for little or no cost, and there are images that are owned by their creators. These artists deserve to be credited for their work and have the right to charge for it…

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Sourcing Free Photos

Sourcing free photos for your projects and possible Cover Art doesn’t mean you get low quality. Here’s a great list of where to get stock images!

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Autumn Mums Deborah Lee Luskin Autumn Mums
photo: Deborah Lee Luskin

So many people responded to my last post about fair use of images on the internet that a follow-up post is in order.

Many readers didn’t know anything at all about copyrights, and many of you reblogged the post. Thank you; this is information we all need to know. As I learned, ignorance is not a defensible excuse, so keep spreading the word and be sure you have permission to use the images you find. This permission comes in three basic categories:

  • Out of copyright and free to anyone to use.
  • Free to use with permission and credit.
  • Available with permission for a fee.

Since most bloggers don’t earn money from their blogs, few of us can afford either to pay for images or pay fines for using images without permission. But there are a wealth of sources for available photos as I learned…

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