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ROW80 Update – Live from NaNoWriMo

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another ROW80 update.

After quite a few problems over the last days and weeks, I seem to finally get everything together. I’ve been really productive in the last few days!

I’m well on target for my blogging goal of 5x a week. I’ve blogged nearly every day since I started this blog on September 30, and sometimes I post several times a day.

ROW80 short story wise, I’m getting back on track. I’ve written a short story per day since Wednesday, and I’m planning to write the next one in German. I might actually type some of them up to share them with you, but for now I’m writing them by hand as it’s been a while since I wrote anything substantial in longhand.

NaNoWriMo: the madness has started and on Day 2 I’m already 4.003 words into my WiP “Pomp and Circumstances.” I decided to go with my fanfiction idea as I’m working on a series and got a lot of encouragement for it. More about my NaNoWriMo 2014 project in a later post!

I do have two original stories up my sleeve as well, but they still need a lot of work put into outlining and creating characters and researching. Therefore, I have decided to start on them in the new year. They will probably end up being my Camp NaNo projects for April and July.

My studies are alright, but currently going slowly due to lack of response from my lecturer. I’m hoping this will be resolved by Tuesday.

Next to my “proper”, big SAD light at home, I now also have a small Daylight Desk Lamp at work as I was missing that light in the mornings to wake up. I’ve had two lamps since Thursday and they’re already starting to make a difference. So thank you all for sticking by me. Keeping the blues away is often a bit of a struggle, but it looks like I’m finally gaining the upper hand!

Anyway, check out what the other lovely ROWers have been up to!

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – Live from NaNoWriMo”

  1. Wow! You certainly have been steaming ahead. Blogging every day is a challenge and your NaNo sounds like it’s going well too. Best of luck for the rest of NaNoWriMo. I look forward to hearing more about your WIP for it. 🙂


  2. I’m late, my internet was down for two days. My number count is meagre. The upside, I updated my word count. and my late check in, I must step up in my writing. No matter,
    whips out a can of coffee grown in an greenhouse near an insane asylum in Antarctica
    4003 words is not bad indeed, way better than mine, anyways I look forward in reading more about it. Stay on the mellow side, and happy writing.


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