ROW80 – End of November update

I know I have missed the last check-in for ROW80, so here’s my update.

Since I validated my NaNoWriMo win I’ve not written more for that story. I have written a few short stories for ROW80, but I started one that turned out to hit a bit too close to home and it brought back a few memories I’d rather put behind me.

But then again, writing is therapeutic, so I guess it’s good to get it all out.

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Stocking Fillers for Students, Readers and Writers

Christmas is fast approaching! And like every year, the mad-dash for presents and stocking fillers starts afresh. Some of the trickiest people to shop for are creative types like Writers, quiet appreciators like Readers and hard-working College / Grad School Students.

The main presents should not really be a problem. But if you’re still stuck, check out my lists of 10 Gift Ideas for Writers, Book-Lovers and Students.

But what about stocking fillers or boot fillers (in case you celebrate St. Nikolaus on December 6, like we do in Germany)? Here is a list of 10 ideas Santa Claus (or Father Christmas, the Christkind or St. Nicholas) can use to stuff those Christmas stockings with, other than tangerines and walnuts.

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10 Christmas gift ideas for Readers

Finding a suitable Christmas present for a book-lover can be tricky. Have they read that book? Would they like it? Unless they ask for specific books, a bookstore voucher is usually the easiest gift.

And while most bibliophiles love a good bookstore voucher, here are 10 more things you might consider giving a Reader this Christmas!

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