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Photography for bloggers

My November will be extremely busy, what with my Master studies, ROW80, NaNoWriMo and 2 short courses I’m doing, so I won’t have time for this yet.

But I love photography and I am a photographer and need to get back behind the lens. I never had any formal training except for a few dark room lessons at college (I took photography classes there) but I think I earned the right to call myself a photographer after having had pictures published in magazines, newspapers, websites and a book!

I’m currently saving up for a DSLR, so hopefully I’ll be able to do this Blogging U. course in the new year!

It’s hosted by Cheri Lucas Rowlands over at Writing Through The Fog and you should really check out her stuff!

Kodak, Instamatic, retro, photography, camera
A Kodak Instamatic camera. I actually own one like this as part of my camera collection.

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