Character Giveaway: Inconspicuous Matt

As part of the Start Writing Fiction course, I’ve just been tasked with developing a character, and describing him or her in 200 words or less.

As I’ve got all my NaNoWriMo characters planned out already, I’m looking for a new home for this guy. So, if you still need a character for your story and you’re not against adoption, maybe you can give this orphan a new home.

If there were a poster boy for inconspicuousness, he’d be it.

You wouldn’t really notice him in a crowd, with his cable-knit jumper and average height. If this were a village, you’d expect him to be the doctor or vet or someone equally well-liked. He’s the sort of man who’d smile and greet everyone, hold the garden gate open for old Mrs. Murray or help Ed fix his lawnmower. His chestnut-coloured hair has grey streaks in it, making him look older than 43. His smile is contagious, the smirk that travels all the way to his green eyes is a little bit mischievous and when he starts to sweet-talk, you don’t stand a chance against his boyish charm.

But he can also run for miles without breaking a sweat. The army taught him that. He may look like the perfect son-in-law but he strives on adrenaline and if there’s a fight, he’s the one to break it up. That cable-knit jumper hides his strength, muscles and a multitude of scars.

There are only two things you really need to know around here: His name is Matt, and he can really mess you up.


3 thoughts on “Character Giveaway: Inconspicuous Matt”

  1. Wow! I immediately have the most perfect picture of Matt in my head. He sounds like such an interesting character. Unfortunately, I have no room for Matt in my little ensemble of characters at present, but I hope you find him a suitable home soon!

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  2. Oh, that’s a shame! My NaNoWriMo project has loads of school kids in it, so Matt wouldn’t fit 😦 Do you think people would like him better if he came with a kitten? Or maybe a puppy?


    1. He sounds like a pretty likeable guy already. I wouldn’t add anything else, just hold onto him until you have the time to write a story where he fits in. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!


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