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Latte Macchiato at Café Orlando

Café Orlando in Solingen is my dad’s favourite café and I’ve been going there for years for a coffee fix.

There aren’t many tables (3 in the main bar plus a few bar stools) and once the mainly Italian patrons start gambling it can get pretty loud, but the coffee is good and the people friendly and that’s what matters!

I have to confess: I love Latte Macchiato! It’s my favourite way to drink coffee.

Usually, lattes are served in glasses without handles, and in a ratio of 1/2 milk, 1/4 espresso and 1/4 foam.

Orlando’s latte macchiato (which means “spotted milk”) is more macchiato than milk, which is good news for a coffee lover like me. Don’t get me wrong, a properly layered Latte Macchiato looks and tastes amazing, but whenever you really crave a coffee kick, less milk is better. I’ve not been to Italy yet, so I can’t say for certain what Latte Macchiatos look and taste like there, but seeing as the place is run and frequented by Italians who love their coffee, I’m confident that this meets their standards!

Orlando’s use more coffee in their latte macchiatos than other places around town, which makes it good value. It may not look like much, but it’s a proper energy booster, something I’m sure I’ll need this winter!

Latte Macchiato, spill the beans, coffee, café Orlando, musikcafé orlando, Solingen
Latte Macchiato at Café Orlando in Solingen

Latte Macchiato: € 2.40

Café Orlando, Bergstr. 44, Solingen


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