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Poem: Far Away From Home

I wrote this poem in September 2003 while I was an exchange student at Waitakere College in Auckland, New Zealand. I’d only been there just over a month and I was homesick. At school, we did a Poetry Workshop during Arts & Crafts Week, and I was given a picture of a girl with a suitcase as my inspiration.

This is what came from that.

Far Away From Home by Conny Kaufmann (2003)


Have you been away from home?

I mean really far away.

Not just to your friend next door,

And not just for a day!


Another country, another world,

And all that for a year

You think it’s easy? Trust me – it’s not!

I know, ‘cause I am here.


Leave everything behind you like

Your friends and family

It’s hard to say goodbye to them

When you go overseas.


Twenty-thousand kilometres,

Could be more or less

You’ll miss your friends but you’ll find new ones

Just give it a chance!


Enjoy your time, live your dream

Your experience will last

You’ll see that this time goes by

Probably too fast.


Your friends will also miss you lots

You can see who really cares

Nobody will like you less

Just because your are not there.


All of them think I am brave,

For a year – just gone.

I’m not, I’m just a young girl

Far away from home!


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