Small Press Shoutout: Owl and Zebra Press!

Small press – the indie way to publish! A very useful list compiled by Jacke Wilson!

Jacke Wilson

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Longtime readers may recall the Small Press Shoutout series, in which I celebrated those independent, brainy, well-intentioned, focused, even more focusedadorable, craftsmanlike, inspiring, dazzling, successful, friendly, quirky, cutting-edge corporate governance-y small presses. Here’s a list, with links:

You should check them out! One of the impulses behind the series was my own efforts at publishing. It’s not easy! Getting things right is tough, and often frustrating, and often thankless. A labor of love. And small presses have been doing…

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Poem: Far Away From Home

I wrote this poem in September 2003 while I was an exchange student at Waitakere College in Auckland, New Zealand. I’d only been there just over a month and I was homesick. At school, we did a Poetry Workshop during Arts & Crafts Week, and I was given a picture of a girl with a suitcase as my inspiration.

This is what came from that.

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