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ROW80 Update a Day Late

Well, whoops.

This week is flying by and I don’t even notice what day it is. I’ve had a lot to do for university this week, but I still managed to get a little bit of writing done.

I currently write by hand just to get away from the computer for a while. However, my plan is to use Scrivener more often and get used to its features, so maybe the next short story I write will be in Scrivener!

I still can’t believe that I’ve actually read a bit of my book to a 30-strong audience and they liked it! With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, I will now use the plot templates I found in order to plan everything a bit better. More about The Bravery of the Soldier and my NaNoWriMo plan in separate posts, coming soon.

What I really need to work on is my study skills. I’ve been out of university for four years and I’ve never done distance learning before. I really need to stop getting distracted and actually do the work. Unfortunately, the first modules are on persuasion and psychology and that’s a bit dry for my liking (I’d wanted to start with Cross-Cultural Communication and Culture & Society). Ah well. Glad I found Coffitivity though. It does actually help me stay focused as I don’t go looking for distractions!

As for my goals:

Writing in English and German: I really have to force myself to write in German, but so far, I’ve written four pieces in my native language. The rest is all in English.

Writing in 4 genres: So far I’ve had fanfiction, murder mystery and fantasy and last night I actually wrote a cringe-worthy bit of romance/erotica. Mainly to try it out as I see it as a bit of a rite of passage these days. Turns out I’m really bad at it (bad at writing about it, thank you) and if I ever published it I’d probably be in the running for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award (yes, that’s a thing!). It was awkward (as most first-times are), over in a flash (ditto –  800 words), and you can tell I’m just a fumbling beginner at writing this sort of thing. I should probably just bin it and be done. Try again when I feel the time is right and me and my muse both really want it. Until then, I’m happy with the other genres.

Blogging: I’m getting better at updating regularly, as this blog is proof. Also trying for a variety of topics. I can’t believe how many followers this blog has gained in the 24 days it’s been online so far! Thank you so much, and once I have a spare minute, I’ll reply to your comments! I promise to get better at reading and commenting other blogs!

Speaking of other blogs: Back in August I was part of a blog hop about writing processes. However, I never posted my piece because I couldn’t find enough fellow writers to link to. So if you’d like to take part (I’m looking for 2 or 3 more writers, any genre) let me know via the contact form and I’ll send you the list of 4 questions to answer. All you’d need to send me is a short (4 paragraphs tops) bio that I can use to introduce you and link from my blog to yours!

Anyway, here’s a different kind of blog hop: the other ROW80 participants!

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7 thoughts on “ROW80 Update a Day Late”

  1. Thanks for stopping by. I decide to leave my mark. Life has a way of being twitchy at times, cue the famous line from the planet of apes. IT’S A MADHOUSE . . . A MADHOUSE!!!!
    Sometimes ideas buzz around like humming birds, other times the muses pass out drunk or moonlight. From the looks of it, you got more than a plateful. When in doubt wing it aka write from the seat of your pants.


  2. You might be late with the check-in, but it seems you got a lot done! Great progress. I like the idea of writing things by hand to get a break from the computer. There’s freedom in that 🙂


  3. You’re not as late as your ROW80 sponsor was…I got lost in poetry and NaNo…

    I love the energy in this post. It takes time – sometimes lots of it! – to get all the pieces moving together.

    I’m still learning Scrivener, still working on blogging stuff, still finding things I don’t know yet – years into this thing…

    See you around NaNo! =D


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