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Free Scrivener Webinar tomorrow!

Just in time for NaNoWriMo, the folks at Learn Scrivener Fast will be holding a free webinar on how they used Scrivener Beats to write a book in 30 days.

Scrivener is a writing software by Literature & Latte, and it is currently popular with writers. It does have many modes, templates for everything from a novel manuscript to screenplay, lets users work in chapters and scenes instead of one big document and it even has a research function which can be used like a binder – pictures, websites, whatever you find, you can save it for later.

It seems to be a clever software, but it does take a while or two to work out properly. Therefore, I’ll attend the webinar tomorrow and report back to you!

There are still places available: October 22, 2014

4pm EDT (New York)

9pm GMT (London)

10pm GMT+1 (Berlin)

For your timezone, check Time & Date.

Scrivener, Literatureandlatte, writing software, storyboard, nanowrimo, webinar

3 thoughts on “Free Scrivener Webinar tomorrow!”

  1. I will also be attending this webinar, and I look forward to reading your opinions! Did you see the one last week with Joseph and Joanna Penn? It was a good overview of the basic features and a few cool gizmos, but I’m hoping this one will get more into some more practical advice on how to actually craft within the software.


      1. I thought it was okay, but I wasn’t overwhelmed either. i was really irritated with how long they spent chit chatting and how long they took to explain story beats. As for the actual Scrivener part, I thought it was interesting to see Sean and Johnny’s process. I always like to look into other writers’ minds. However, I agree, it did move a little quickly for us Scrivener newbies, and since I’m a PC user, some of the features were different than what they showed on their Mac, so that was disappointing.


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