ROW80 – Sunday Update #2 and Goals revision

It’s time for another Sunday ROW80 update.

I was doing quite well until Wednesday, but then it all got away from me. I had to study on Thursday, and after having pulled an all-nighter, ended up sleeping through most of Friday after I got off work, feeling rotten.

Is this a sign I’m getting older?  While studying and writing my B.A. dissertation four years ago, all-nighters were the norm for me, pulling one every other week, even on school days. No problem.

Yet on Friday, what was meant to be a 1 hour nap ended up with me out cold for 7 hours, a lunch that had gone cold and a day’s productivity wasted.

Saturday was spent visiting relatives and getting ready for today and today I had my very first public reading!

So while the second half of this week has been a bust ROW80-wise (and I’ll need to write an extra 4 short stories now) I managed to gain a wider audience for my writing and was offered a job as a translator for a fellow author.

Blogging-wise I’m on schedule on Study. Read. Write. but I’ve decided to exclude my travel blog from my ROW80 goals.

With my studies, ROW80 short stories, this blog and NaNoWriMo coming up, as well as the translation to do, I’ve got enough to be getting on with to last me for a while. I’ll still work on the other blog, but I won’t count it for ROW80 as my updates there are sporadic at best at the moment.

Check out how the other ROW80 participants are doing!


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