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My name in space on the Journey To Mars

Okay, so this is not strictly writing, reading or university-related. Well, unless you count my student friend Alex, who is into space exploration and recently participated in a chat with astronaut Alexander Gerst. Who is currently on board the International Space Station.

(See, I knew I’d make this relevant)

My friend Alex just shared a link with me and I just sent my name to space! That’s right. My name will go out into the universe and push that final frontier a bit further away.

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My personal “Boarding Pass”, which will be on board Orion’s Flight Test in December 2014. #JourneyToMars

NASA is giving people the chance to get a boarding pass for Orion’s Flight Test, designated Exploration Flight Test-1, on December 4, 2014. Your name will be stored on a microchip, which will be carried on board the new Orion spacecraft on its maiden voyage. The flight is a 4.5 hour, two-orbit mission around Earth to test Orion’s systems. But it’s not over once Orion splashes back down in the Pacific Ocean.

The microchip with the names will continue to fly and be on board of future NASA exploration flights, including missions to Mars! And a few lucky individuals each flight will earn miles as part of a “global space-faring society”, united by the hashtag #JourneyToMars.

You can get a Boarding Pass for Orion’s first flight by visiting the Send Your Name website until October 31, 2014.

All this talk about sending something into space has given me a plot bunny or two. The ultimate sci-fi story: sci-fi you can actually participate in!

Next stop: Aliens!

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