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ROW80 – Wednesday Update #2

Is it time for another ROW80 update already?

I swear, weeks are getting shorter and shorter! Oh no, that’s the days, sorry!

Everything was going fine until Sunday, but I’ve hit a bit of a lull. My studies for a MA have taken over most evenings, leaving me less time to write in. I do keep a notebook on me at all times though, so I can scribble down things that come to mind, and I try to write (instead of read) in bed before I turn off the lights.

I’ve been updating this blog, but have not done anything for my travel blog – I may have to change my goals to exclude Fernweh & Wanderlust.

I’m trying to make time for the blogging and writing, but my studies come first. I’m hoping to get back on track by Saturday, although Sunday will be spent at a reading! MY reading. Well, my writing group’s reading. I’ll read 2 scenes from The Bravery of the Soldier and I’m really excited!!


8 thoughts on “ROW80 – Wednesday Update #2”

  1. The days did get shorter this week. Monday had only twenty two hours but Tuesday made up for it by being 40 seconds longer. I know because I was awake for all of them.

    It is the relativity of time thing. Damn you Einstein!

    At least if you stick to your studies it will get finished one day. I find reading never gets finished. There is always more to do.


  2. I think you just do what you can with the time you have available and have to count that as good. If I’d known how much less time I’d have in adult life vs. high school, I’d like to at least pretend I would have been more dedicated. 😛 I felt like even in college there was more time, but I think I sometimes use writing as a stress reliever. Thanks for coming by my blog. I look forward to stopping by yours more frequently in the future. 🙂


  3. I too keep a notebook with me at all times. Except for when I forget. 😉 At any rate, I find it really helpful to jot down ideas or lines as they come into my head. It keeps me in practice! Question: do you count the writing you’re doing for your grad school program as writing?


    1. Haha, yeah, me too. Sometimes I take my notebook out of my bag to copy something over and forget to put it back 🙂 I don’t count my grad school writing, at least not yet. I might once it gets to my thesis, but for now I differentiate between journalism, creative writing and university, counting only the creative writing bits.


    2. No, I only count my creative writing, as I think of my grad school work as assignments. They’ve got quotes and bibliographies and rigid guidelines. I don’t count most blog posts either.

      I don’t think I could live without my notebook!


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