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Chai Presso at Bistro Alex

Especially in autumn and winter I love the rich taste of Chai, whether it’s tea or latte. And yes, I do know that in many Eurasian and Western languages, the word “chai” means tea, so Chai Tea is technically a tautology.

When you order a Chai Latte, chances are you will get a normal, steamed milk latte that has been mixed with spiced tea instead of espresso.

Bistro Alex, a popular bistro chain with an outlet in Solingen, offers its own version: A Chai Presso.

This spicy goodness starts off as a milky spiced tea which is then infused with two shots of espresso and steamed, so it’s all nice and foamy.

The espresso double-whammy wakes you up. As it is not as diluted with milk as a Chai latte would be, the coffee flavour is strong, a definite plus for coffee aficionados like me.

While a chai spice decoction usually includes a base or karha of ground ginger and cardamom pods to which spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves, nutmeg, peppercorn or allspice are added, the component often vary from region to region.

In Alex’ Chai Presso, the mix tastes primarily of cloves and cinnamon, giving the beverage a warm and homey aroma I always associate with falling autumn leaves and the first batch of Christmas cookies.

Chai, Latte, Espresso, Alex, Solingen, coffee, Autumn
Chai Presso at Bistro Alex, Solingen

Chai Presso: € 2.90

Bistro Alex, Clemens Galerien, Solingen


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