The AU in the WIP – Writer Speak

NaNoWriMo is starting on November 1 and Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets are already buzzing with excitement!

But many first-time writers often get confused when they join online writing groups and forums. So many writers use abbreviations to talk about their work that the uninitiated sometimes just stare at a tweet and decide they have a better shot at deciphering hieroglyphs without the Rosetta Stone.

“The FMC in my AU WiP is a total BAMF!”

Er… your what, now?

So I’ve put together a little list of the most common terms and abbreviations you might see and hear when you’ve got writing buddies. The lovely FB NaNoers helped as well.

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League of Gentlemen – Hamlet Supporters

There is such a thing as Theatre Etiquette.

Basically, that means everyone is quiet as soon as the lights dim and the curtain rises. There’s no clapping when your favourite actor comes on stage or when he/she nailed that soliloquy. There’s only applause for the interval and applause and (if the play warrants) standing ovations at the end.

In live shows, you get some heckling but in most improv shows that’s a good thing.

There are instances in which shouting, commenting and heckling are the norm, for example in a football stadium. Imagine the atmosphere, if fans only clapped at half-time.

Now imagine what it would be like if Shakespeare fans were a bit more like football supporters…

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NaNoWriMo Prep: Pep Talk by Author Kami Garcia

In preparation of National Novel Writing Month, which is just around the corner, the NaNoWriMo team offers Pep Talks by authors to get you into the writing mood.

This pep talk is by author Kami Garcia, who is famous for the Caster Chronicles series (including Beautiful Creatures, which was made into a movie in 2013).

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Photography for bloggers

My November will be extremely busy, what with my Master studies, ROW80, NaNoWriMo and 2 short courses I’m doing, so I won’t have time for this yet.

But I love photography and I am a photographer and need to get back behind the lens. I never had any formal training except for a few dark room lessons at college (I took photography classes there) but I think I earned the right to call myself a photographer after having had pictures published in magazines, newspapers, websites and a book!

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